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What Affects Water Quality?


affects water quality

The quality of the water you drink and cook with is affected by a number of factors.

These include the source of your water, the connection between water mains and your home, and your home’s plumbing system. Most American homes get their water from municipal waterworks, although in some areas and in rural communities, many homes rely on wells. In either case, the water is not just a clear liquid. The water almost always carries traces of minerals, some bacteria, and the water’s pH can also be important.

Chemicals in the Water

Municipal waterworks purify water, and generally do an excellent job, but the water will contain chlorine and possibly other chemicals used in the purification process. Chlorine, for example, can affect water taste, and when used for cooking, the water can affect the taste of food, and even its color.

In older homes, the connection between water mains and the home may be though lead pipes. Lead can leach into water, and may cause extremely severe health problems, particularly in children. Among the potential problems are lowered IQ in children and kidney problems in adults. The plumbing system in older homes may still feature lead pipes. Sellers may not be required to bring plumbing systems up to code. If you have bought an older home, it is a very good idea to have professional plumbers examine your system.

Water sitting in pipes can absorb minerals and other substances, so run your water for a couple of minutes before using it for drinking or cooking. You may have filtration or reverse osmosis systems installed, but these are only as good as their filters, and it not changed properly will affect water quality. There is one part of the system people often overlook, their water heater. The water heater should be drained annually to prevent buildup of sediment and bacteria.

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