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Why Does My Hot Water Turn Cold After Only a Few Minutes?

Is your hot water turning cold too quickly or losing its heat within a few minutes? This will help you diagnose your problem and offer helpful solutions so that you can go back to enjoying hot water from your taps that don’t turn cold after only a few minutes.

Problems From Your Water Heater

  • First possible issue could be coming from your water heater. Especially if your taps used to provide hot water for a long time before turning cold you should first inspect your hot water heater.
    • The hot water temperature on your water heater may need to be adjusted. The temperature on your water heater may have been turned down or may need to be increased so that it produces a higher temperature of water, potentially lasting longer.
    • Another possible problem could be the dip tube. Dip tubes can break easily, especially in older models of water heaters and when this happens it can allow the hot water and the cold water to mix. This will create lukewarm water rather quickly and make it feel like your water is turning cold faster than it has previously. Checking your dip tube or having it checked by a professional plumber can identify this issue and easily get it fixed.
    • If your water heater is old, it may need to be replaced as it may just have aged too much beyond repair and this may be why the hot water cannot be sustained. A professional plumber, like us at AQUA Plumbing Services, LLC can help you determine if your water heater has stopped working effectively and if it needs to be replaced.
  • If the hot water has just stopped working on any of your faucets, then your hot water may have been turned off for some reason. If your taps will not produce hot water at all then you may need to check to make sure the hot water is currently on. It could have been switched off accidentally for a variety of reasons, but this is a quick fix if this is your issue.

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