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What are the Signs of a Clogged Drain?


Clogged drains can cause many issues within your home.

A bad clog can affect your sewer pipe, which carries the household wastewater from your home to a main sewer line. Having a single clogged drain is annoying and inconvenient, so just imagine the damage that a clogged sewer line could have on your personal belongings and pocket book. We have compiled a list to help you determine whether you have a clogged drain and/or a clogged sewer pipe.

Clogged Drain Checklist

  • Standing water in a sink or tub, or water that just won’t flush are the number one sign of a clogged drain. This goes hand in hand with a drain taking longer to drain than it should.
  • If your toilet is gurgling after any water use within your home (especially after doing laundry or using the dishwasher), you have a sewer line problem.
  • Another warning sign that you have a clogged sewer line is when you use any water in your house and it comes up the bathtub or floor drain on top of making your toilet gurgle.
  • Another sign that you may have a sewer line issue is if the water level in a toilet begins rising and then dropping.
  • If your kitchen or bathroom sinks appear to be clogged, yet you can still flush your toilet without water appearing in the tub or floor drains, you have a single clogged drain.

If you are experiencing anything more than a single drain clog, please give us a call to ensure the issue doesn’t get worse! Contact us today at (678) 616-2782 or through an online service request. You are in trusted hands with the experts from AQUA Plumbing Services, LLC.