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What Are The Most Common Items That Clog Drains?

Plumbing lines are very sensitive systems that are built for specific types of substances i.e. waste and other bodily fluids. When you begin to stuff things like toys and grease down your drains you may begin to notice some clogging issues.

When this happens it can be quite expensive to repair depending on the severity of the clog. In order to avoid this you may want to shy away from putting certain items down your drain.

The most common source of a clogged drain is paper, stuffing too much toilet paper in your toilet can cause severe backups in the plumbing line.

Oversized Food Clogs The Drain

Cosmetic towelettes and wipes are also know to clog drains and pipes so you want to avoid disposing of them in that manner if at all possible. When it comes to sink drains clogging usually happens due to oversized food and hard substances.

Things like small toys, cat litter, starches, and fruit peels. Dental floss, string, and hair are well known enemies of drains, once these substances come in contact with water they begin to become more dense which makes it harder for them to travel through the drain.

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Instead of dealing with costly repair bills and non-working pipes you should use all of the information in this article to avoid clogging your drain in the first place.

Take precaution with the substances and items that you are throwing down your drain in order to avoid serious issues.